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Parsons Office Systems, since 1944, offers brand named copiers, fax, fax servers, scanners, and more.  Our commercial office equipment is backed by our manufacture-authorized and trained technicians.


Imminent Technologies, Inc., since 1994, offers techniques to make your office more “paperless.”  They also offer document management databases, automation processes, workflows, tablets, and much more.


Interactive Strategies Management & Marketing Ltd. Co., since 2000, offers web design, video commercials, web products and services, sales consulting, logos, brochures, & branding.


Chad Cohrs, based out of Hewitt TX, offers a wide array of services.  Employed by several companies simultaneously and harmoniously to include: Parsons Office Systems, Inc., Imminent Technologies, Inc., and Interactive Strategies Management & Marketing Ltd. Co (owner).

Mr. Cohrs has a decade of experience in his current field, with prior experience in the telecommunication industry that offered retail sales, commercial sales, store management, and ownership.  As an out-of-the-box thinker, Chad is an entrepreneur at heart.  He is looking for opportunities to improve, automate, save time or money, and help a client's software projects actually become profitable when possible.

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Topics of expertise include print management services, automation solutions, fax server solutions, web development, video commercials, and nearly anything database related including managing software development projects.  Chad consults with clients to improve processes, reduce costs, increase production, drive profits, and simply make life in the office better.  Chad mostly enjoys working with database solutions including writing software programs from scratch, integrations, conversions, or improvements to how an office handles information.


Items commonly evaluated for clients include both physical or tangible items and virtual or digital items (i.e. PC, server, cloud).  Tangible items include paper documents, magazines, newspapers, books, microfilm, microfiche, dot matrix, green bar or blue bar (mostly reports), inventory control, fax, unnecessary printing from antiquated databases, video conversion, and RFID opportunities.  Virtual items examined include emails, reports, data streams, phone line data capture (911 project), mainframes, AS400, web content, digital devices (including electronic pen capture, tablets, PDA/cell phone), and any content on PC or server needing categorizing and control within a database environment.


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