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Database in the CLOUD starting at only $19.99 monthly for a single user from anywhere in the world.  Scan to the CLOUD or send any digital files to the CLOUD.


Don’t want the CLOUD, no big deal, we have always had single PC and Enterprise Server based database solutions.



ITI is a prominent and emerging technology firm serving clients throughout the United States and internationally. We are experts in designing and delivering business-driven technology solutions. We strive to help our clients gain a competitive advantage and more control by using powerful/strategic software-based technologies to make their businesses more responsive to internal processes.  Our services will strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners; improve productivity; and reduce information/communication technology costs.

Parsons Office Systems acts as a distributor for ITI products.  A few of the major principles of Parsons Office Systems are also investors and principles of ITI.  With 69-years of being in business, Parsons Office Systems has always delivered the highest quality of services.  We strongly believe in following through with our promise of delivering the highest level of products and services.  Our customer satisfaction has kept us strong and rapidly growing; over the past decade we have retained over 95% of our clients!

Imminent Technologies, Inc. is a Global Imaging and Content Management Software Solutions based company.  The Azara Corporation founded in 1994, was incorporated as Imminent Technologies, Inc. in February of 1999.  Our staff has over 190 years experience in the Imaging Industry.  Based in Waco, Texas, ITI provides management of digitized images and files from a desktop setting, single department, large network, or enterprise solutions.  Imaging Made Simple (IMS) is built for any application or market.  Parsons, ITI’s exclusive distributor, sells through a premier VARS around the world.

At Parsons, we place strong emphasis on building lasting relationships with clients and being 100% referable. In each of the past four years, more than 93% of our revenue was derived from repeat business. We believe this reflects our commitment to quality and the long-term partnerships we build with our clients.

Although we have developed other products, our pride and joy, which started our software development in the beginning is our Document Management System called Imaging Made Simple, created in 1994.

Other products include: Workflow systems, automation systems or processes, fax solutions, data capture, print and forms management, digital tablets, and pen technology.

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