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From the first  phone conversation to even  after the project’s completion, Chad Cohrs is the kind of guy you want to work for you.  He pays great attention to detail and unlike most people who work you into their schedule, Chad makes time for you—whether it’s morning, weekends, or in my case during the week after 10pm, he is always there for you.  Chad just didn’t help me build a website, he helped me build a brand for my business that is now starting to bear real fruit. He made sure that every aspect of the work he did tied into my overall marketing strategy that provoked an emotional response from the customer—the type of responses that leads to sales, especially in the Solar Industry.  

His workmanship is second to none!  Because I was in Dallas and he was in Waco, I had concerns that the final product would lack creativity and authenticity, because of the distance between us. Well I was dead wrong because he exceeded my wildest expectations with the first draft because he listens very well to what you really need. In short, his in-depth knowledge of studying the customer and his technical capabilities with electronic media, not to mention his own experience as a small business owner, I believe would put anyone that does business with him in the vanguard of their industry; you just don’t get a platform when you do business with Chad, you get an expression of the problem your solving for your customer, and as a business person I can’t even express how important that is. And for startup’s trying to get going his pricing is unbeatable and he provides options that allow your money to go along way, and that means a lot in this market.

Not only has Chad become a trusted advisor for all my marketing messaging and media, but he has become a trusted friend I can count on for honest advice that is spot on.

He’s gone above and beyond to position my business to be successful. Yes that’s great customer service, but more importantly it’s really who he is and what he does for his clients!!

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