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Chad Cohrs is a great guy to have on your team when you are looking for solutions that involve computer related solutions. He is a good listener, he knows that just selling a machine doesn't mean you have solved the customers problems. Half of the gifting to be a good sales person is learning to listen and ask questions.

If Chad doesn't have what he knows will meet the need, he is not going to talk you into making a purchase just to make a sale. He has been around long enough to learn that if his solution doesn't work this time you are not going to come back to him the next time you need help.

Trust is developed over a period of months and years, I have known Chad long enough to trust what he tells me. He has learned to develop relationships not just contacts. When you need follow up with training and any particular customer issues Chad is available. He won't be too busy with other customers to make sure you have reached your comfort zone in adjusting to the new processes and procedures.

Chad has a great background in having worked for a number of different sales and service organizations through the years. This experience makes him knowledgeable over a wide range of computer equipment as well as knowing different manufacturers strengths and weaknesses. Some history can be very helpful in knowing how to solve a question going forward.

Like I have said, Chad is a great resource to have on hand. His ethical standards are high and his integrity is without question. We have benefited from his expertise in the past and I hope to continue that relationship for years to come. I recommend him highly.

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